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جهاز تنظيف بخاخات امريكي شركة OTC

جهاز تنظيف بخاخات امريكي شركة OTC
النوع : جهاز
حالة التوفر : 1
السعر: 3,800S.R
السعر بدون ضريبة : 3,800S.R
الكمية:     - أو -   إضافة لرغباتي
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جهاز تنظيف بخاخات امريكي شركة


Everything you need to begin direct injector cleaning and decarbonizing. Includes OTC7448A Fuel Injection Cleaner Canister which provides you with a heavy duty stainless steel container for years of service Manual showing all the information you need to work on virtually all vehicles manufactured between 1997 - 2013 in the US Includes a spring lock coupling adapter, several quick connect and banjo fittings, as well as a decarbonizing adapter for throttle plate/manifold cleaning.

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